As with my research, my teaching focuses largely on people’s interactions with their social world, whether that interaction occurs in the context of mental illness or the development and maintenance of happiness. I prefer a collaborative approach to learning in which students are encouraged to express their reactions to the subject material and engage the class in conversation and discussion. I also prefer to use a variety of assessments (participation, tests, essays, etc.) to gauge student learning, and typically focus on a tangible, final projects (e.g., drafts of possible manuscripts or grant proposals).


Undergraduate CoursesThe Scientific Pursuit of Happiness

Abnormal Psychology

Senior Project in Psychology


Graduate CoursesThe Scientific Pursuit of Happiness

Empirically Supported Treatments

Psychological Assessment

Intellectual Assessment

Interviewing and Intervention in Psychotherapy

Practicum and Field Study Courses in Counseling

Advanced Research Seminar in Vocational and Occupational Health Psychology