Meaning and Quality of Life

Michael Steger is an Associate Professor in the Counseling Psychology and Applied Social Psychology programs at Colorado State University. He was recently named as an Extraordinary Professor by North-West University in South Africa. He received his B.A. in Psychology from Macalester College and his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and Personality Psychology from the University of Minnesota in 2005. His graduate work on developing a measure of meaning in life earned him the Best Dissertation Award from the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies. He has continued to research the foundations and benefits of living a meaningful life. In addition, he has published research on factors related to achieving well-being, how people adjust to traumatic life events, and social influences on depression. He is the co-editor of  Designing Positive Psychology from Oxford University Press, and Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace from American Psychological Association Press. His research also investigates what makes work meaningful, and how meaningful work enriches employees and organizations. He currently serves as the Associate Editor of the Journal of Personality, and serves on the editorial boards of several other journals.

On these pages, I hope to provide you with information about the research conducted through the Laboratory for the Study of Meaning and Quality of Life. Feel free to explore. Below I list a couple of other resources, and I’ll be adding to this list when I get a chance.


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Recent Books: You can check out Designing Positive Psychology here, and Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace here.

Recent Research: Take the Meaning in Life Questionnaire and other surveys related to quality of life and meaningful living and working

Meaningful Work Talk: On my Meaningful Work page, I’ve added a link to a lecture (to an empty room…more on that on the Meaningful Work page) I gave on my perspective on why we should care about meaningful work.

Social Psychology Resources: You can also learn more about me and other social psychologists at the excellent Social Psychology Network site: